Riviera del Brenta


Villa Barchessa Valmarana is conveniently located between Venice and Padua, in the area known as the Riviera del Brenta; in its surroundings you can find lots of beautiful places, rich in art and history.

Along the Brenta River, which runs from Padua to the lagoon of Venice, now can find many villas that were built between the15th and 16th centuries, which were the summer homes of the noble Venetians.

Luscious green gardens, glorious architecture and splendid frescoes, make the Riviera del Brenta today one of the most historic and beautifully landscaped areas in the Veneto region if not in all of Italy, offering unforgettable views of what was long ago the aristocratic life of the Serenissima.



One of the most famous destinations in the world, Venice, the capital of The Republic of Venice, is just a few kilometers from Villa Valmarana. Venice is a must stop for any visitor! This magical and extremely romantic place has many names and has known as the “La Dominante,” “Serenissima,” “Queen of the Adriatic,” “City of Water,” “City of Masks,” “City of Bridges,” “The Floating City,” and “City of Canals.” Venice exudes timeless charm with all of its art, architecture, canals, churches, squares, bridges (400!), islands (188!), monuments, prestigious palaces, and glorious gondolas….Must sees:  St Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, Santa Maria della Salute, San Rocco School, Galleries and Accademia Bridge, Rialto Bridge and Bridge of Sighs, Customs Point, Ca ‘Rezzonico and many, more.  The Lido di Venezia is also a popular international luxury destination where the Venice Film Festival is held every year thus attracting thousands of actors, critics, celebrities, and mainly people in the film industry from all over the world.  The splendid lagoon and its bigger and smaller islands are worth a visit to see another part of Venice, some of the more well known islands include Murano and Burano just to name a few….

About 20 kilometres

About 20 minutes



The province pf Padua is only a short distance from Villa Valmarana. Padua, a very important historical, industrial and cultural center of the Veneto Region, is home to masterpieces from Medieval and Renaissance art and architecture. Some must see sights include: The Botanical Garden, the University, the Basilica of the Saint, the Scrovegni Chapel and the Baptistry of the Cathedral, embellished by Giotto’s frescoes, the Galilean Astronomical Observatory (Specola).

Surrounded mostly by plains, rolling hills and stunning walled towns like Cittadella and Montagnana, the ancient Patavium, the original significance of the Roman name and latin for Padua,  boasts over 3,000 years of history and an enchanting medieval center.

Very close by and still part of the province of Padua are the world renown towns of Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme which are famous for their wellness spas and the town’s hot springs and mud baths where the waters have a temperature of some 80 °C (176 °F).  The Euganean Hills, also in Padua are definitely worth a visit if you are an outdoorsy type and enjoy hiking and beautiful views of the imposing rocks and fortifications on the territory.

About 30 kilometres

About 30 minutes